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It's a Dressage Full House for Saracen Horse Feeds

It's a Dressage Full House for Saracen Horse Feeds

The long awaited announcement detailing the riders selected to represent Team GB in Rio brings a celebration for the team at Saracen Horse Feeds.


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horse eating hay in field

Performance Horses Benefit From High-Energy Forages

Performance horses require more calories per day than pleasure horses or horses used for light or moderate work. Researchers suggest adding “high-energy” forage to diets to help meet the calorie demands of equine athletes.

KER Research

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horse grazing in field

What Are the Total-Tract Digestibility and Glycemic Responses of Processed Corn in Sedentary Horses?

A study was conducted to investigate the nutritional value of GM (Golden Max) for horses and compare it to the typical forms of processed corn commonly fed to horses, cracked (CC) and steam-flaked corn (SF).


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horse mare and foal in field

Mare, Foal Nutrition Impacts Lifelong Health

Problems associated with excess body condition are well known among horsemen and include insulin resistance, laminitis, osteoarthritis, and exercise intolerance. Recent research also shows that the health of offspring of overweight mares may also be compromised.

General Interest

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horse foal grazing in pasture

Microbiota of the Neonatal Foal

The microbiota plays a major role in the proper function of the immune system and will serve to protect a foal from harmful pathogens as it matures. Most discussion surrounding the equine microbiota involves mature horses, and a closer look at a foal’s hindgut inhabitants provides interesting insight.