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Saracen: Feeding the Underweight Weanling

Saracen: Feeding the Underweight Weanling

Some foals cope with weaning better than others, even when every management strategy to defuse anxiety is employed. What can owners do for these fretful weanlings?


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pony grazing

Feeding Horses for Energy Without Obesity

The owner of pony pullers has asked an age-old question: how do you supply ponies with sufficient dietary energy to work without overconditioning?

KER Research

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corn oil and gastric emptying

How Does Corn Oil Affect Gastric Emptying and Plasma Glucose Levels in Horses?

This study was designed to determine if gastric emptying is delayed following ingestion of a grain and corn oil meal compared to a meal of grain alone.


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foal running in pasture

Maximizing Foal Health: Omega-3s for Broodmares

During recent Equine Science Society symposiums, researchers reported, their findings on the impact of omega-3 fatty acids on foal bone metabolism, memory, and cognition.

General Interest

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pony on shavings in stall

Bedding Choices for Easy-Keeper Horses

Straw ranks high as a bedding choice among horsemen, but for certain horses it is not the right selection for one simple reason: they eat it! And if those horses are easy keepers, they are adding unnecessary calories to their diet.